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Services Offered


From a young age, interior design has been a passion of mine. I can remember selecting new flooring, paint colors and wall paper with my Mom to create the perfect space in my doll house. From then, decorating my house growing up, to eventually going to college to get my degree in Interior Design. Now, owning a home decor shop in West Bend has kept me up with the latest trends and styles, and giving me an additional resource to utilize in my profession. 


I truly believe that you can fall in love with your home, no matter how big or small. I offer design consultations where we will discuss your design dilemmas and come up with a solution to make your house function well and look beautiful. I offer many services including, but not limited to, paint color selection, Interior styling, purchasing and styling accessories, cabinet, flooring, and textile selection. Please contact me to set up your consultation today.

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